NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agents Exams #8324, 8333, and 8336

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The Program Practice Test Prep—NYPD Traffic Agent Entrance Exams—course is an excellent practice platform to help you achieve your Civil Service’s career Objectives.   The advantage and commitment to offer an exceptional preparation include  a blast of additional short-term memory scenario questions, critical thinking situations, when to use common sense and a pack of additional benefits at an affordable personal investment.    Are you prepared for one of the most popular Computer Based Civil Service’ Exams in the city? 

As a Traffic Agent, your duties include evaluation of traffic conditions, parking tickets, broken meter reports, critical thinking and evaluation, administrative reports and performance.

This fun and engaging course’ Lessons offer similar conditions as Exam 8324, 8333, and 8336.    

  • Written Comprehension
  • Memorization
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Information Ordering
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Deductive/Inductive Reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • and more benefits

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