NYC Correction Officer Exams # 8330, 8334 and 8338

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Take the road to preserving the well-being, care and proper safe custody of detained inmates with the NYC Department of Corrections Officer Test Prep Course from The Program Practice.    There’s a difference between a regular jail guard and an exceptional corrections officer.   As a New York City corrections officer, you’ll be expected to maintain the security, defense, and integrity of the correctional facilities while monitoring the various activities of detainees.   Gain the critical thinking skills before taking the actual exam.  Study for excellence with engaging online prep course materials that mirror image the "Notice of Examination" subject list.   Learn to prepare better, score higher, and make your application standout.   

ARE YOU READY TO: Supervise inmates and make recommendations concerning medical and/or psychiatric referrals?  Respond to unusual incidents and disturbances? Safeguard department equipment?  Inspect assigned areas for unsafe conditions or threats to security?   Be part of the team that honorably serves their department, maintains the security of the facility and protects their inmates.    Start preparing to become a NYC Corrections Officer today. 

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