MTA Transit Electrical Helper Exam # 8611

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The Program Practice custom made Exam 8611 Test Prep Course specifically designed for this Exam's qualifying Multiple Choice Test Requirements.   Passing the written first step of the exam is crucial to a rewarding career.   Allow us the privilege of providing the rigorous practice necessary to improve your chances of scoring higher in this competitive exam.  In the city that never sleeps and demand an efficient Subway system, the MTA is committed to invest 20 billions  in upgrading the electric signal system from the manual operated Automatic Block Signal to the modern "moving block-system" CBTC Technology or alternatives by the year 2067.   Are you excited to find and participate in this one in a lifetime opportunity?   

Put yourself on the fast track to take advantage of this secure and rewarding opportunity.   Examining the third-rail for maintenance, modernizing Subway traffic signals and communication channels?  Our fun and challenging test prep course is designed to reflect the actual exam.    An excellent practice section improves your chances of having your application stand out!      

ARE YOU READY TO: Inspect, test, fabricate parts, and maintain the world's largest underground transportation network?

This Prep Course for Exam # 8611 includes: 

  • Blueprint/Schematics  interpretation
  • English Comprehension, Logic Exams
  • Electric Theory, vocabulary, and discussion
  • 100's of Work Related Challenges and testing
  • Extras- Military Time and Work Safety and OSHA Knowledge base questions

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