MTA Car Inspector (Subway Car Repair), Exam # 8607

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The Program Practice offer THE ONLY Test Prep Course specifically designed for this Exam's qualifying Multiple Choice Test Requirements.   In the city that never sleeps, great, reliable service, high-quality transportation is an absolute necessity

Put yourself on the track to keep New York going and get everything you need to pass MTA Car Repair Exam with flying colors! Before becoming part of the fast-paced team trusted to maintain the transportation structures millions of people rely on every day.  You need to know the ins and outs of MTA Exam 8607 Challenges.  An excellent practice section improves your chances of having your application stand out!    Convince that your technical ability accurately and expertly inspect, perform body and electrical work, fix heating and cooling equipment, rig brakes, fix control apparatus and more.  

ARE YOU READY TO: Inspect, test, and maintain the mechanical integrity of the New York City Transit Authority’s thousands of subway cars? work in the extreme cold and heat, Maintain shop equipment and work in dark spaces? If you answered “yes” across the board, you need to start preparing today for this high paying job!  This is a micro investment on your future

This Prep Course for Exam # 8607 includes: 

  • Blueprint/Schematics  interpretation
  • Electric Theory, vocabulary, and discussion
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic mechanics and Devices with Video Lecture
  • 100's of Work Related Challenges and testing
  • Extras- Military Time and Work Safety and OSHA Knowledge base questions

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