About Our Online Courses

In short, our only objective is to provide advice and a platform to challenge your test taking skills with additional practice. This practice consists of sharpening academic skills learned in school. Our start-up has centralized as many possible resources as we could to help you achieve your career endeavors. Taking a competitive exam is a challenge, and all the information and assistance you can find is scattered, disorganized, and sometimes inaccurate. To improve upon this, we created a practice that brings all of this information to you, as it’s needed, presented in a fun and easy-to-study format. Our lessons are short and to the point, and they include text, video, related images, quizzes, mock final exams, and simple prudent advice.

So what aren’t we?  The Program Practice is not a school by the traditional definition. We are a research-based program that provides a centralized source of information which our customers will benefit from.

Preparation is the key to success. In these courses, you will be given information about what to expect in your exam.  That information will include subjects and topics that are expected to be included in the exam’s contents.   Some of these subjects are not taught in academia or formal school.  The most recommended way to approach those subjects is to review familiar sections first. Once you have become comfortable with those sections, you can move on to the more challenging subjects. However, don’t be intimidated by them, because even the challenging subjects can be learned in time!

Why these courses will benefit you the most!

The advantages that this course has over books, manuals, and other study guides are:

  1. Our courses are more focused on the contents found on the “Notice of Examination” solicitation. Other test prep services are focused on a more standardized version of each exam that follows a general format for the U.S.
  2. We provide recent research-based information. These resources are visual aids, charts, graphs, and short explanations. On the other hand, books are tedious, can be boring, and are often not compatible with today’s adult’s busy schedule and hectic lifestyle.
  3. This course is focused on Critical Thinking.   

Counterproductive Study Habits!

A well-balanced, short-term study plan is the best way to gain an advantage over other test-takers. While all of us have our own unique way of studying, one of the best approaches is to pace ourselves and take one subject at a time. If you come across a subject that is a challenge, then feel free to search for additional resources. One of the best resources to start your investigation on is the agency issuing the exam, such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority at www.mta.info or the City Wide Administrative Services at www.nyc.gov/dcas

Additionally, it is best to study for at least one hour every night and to not wait until the last minute to learn all the material. Not only is taking time to study every day most effective, but it helps you build confidence, because you know that you are familiar with the material. You will want to improve your critical thinking and judgement skills. This can be done by assessing a situation and making the best decision based on your judgment that the exam is given in.

Approach the exam in the most relaxed state possible. To achieve this, you can take the following steps: review any relevant materials one more time the night before, get a good night’s sleep, and eat breakfast before you leave for the exam.   Feeling well-rested will help you feel prepared and alert when you walk through the door.

Some things to consider when studying.  

  1. You will want to be familiar with the format that the exam is given in.
  2. It’s best to improve your critical thinking and judgement skills. This can be done by assessing a situation and making the best decision based on your judgement, determining how much time it will take to travel distances, and driving safely to the test venue.
  3. During the test, pace yourself in order to ensure that you have the most accurate answers to the questions as possible. If you speed through the exam, you might miss important key words in the questions.

This course will mirror the city's civil service's exams as closely as possible. Since there are so many factors to be considered, we cannot promise that the questions found in this course are as they will be in the real exam. The objective of this course is only to prepare you for the real exam by providing advice, research materials, and providing you with questions as close as possible to the real thing.

The only prerequisite to this online course is to follow the instructions given in the "Notice of Examination" solicitation and to register with that agency's online or in-person application. Any city agency is separate from The Program Practice and we have no access to their databases.  It would be a violation of your privacy for these agencies to share your personal information with us, so we will have no way to confirm your registration.

The Program Practice is a private identity and Local Service Provider, not affiliated to any City of New York or State of New York Agencies, such as CityWide Administrative Services or any Transportation Authority Agencies.

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