Why these courses will benefit you the most!

The advantages that these course have over books, manuals, and other study guides are:

  1. Focused on the contents found on the “Notice of Examination” solicitation. Other test prep services are focused on a more standardized version of each exam that follows a general format for the U.S.
  2. We provide recent research-based information. These resources are visual aids, charts, graphs, and short explanations. On the other hand, books are tedious, can be boring, and are often not compatible with today’s adult’s busy schedule and hectic lifestyle.
  3. This course is online and you can access it from any internet connection.
  4. We are relentlessly studying innovative ways to deliver a higher quality course content.  If any suggestions or comments, please let us know by visiting our "Contact Us" Page.   

Counterproductive Study Habits!

A well-balanced, short-term study plan is the best way to gain an advantage over other test-takers. While all of us have our own unique way of studying, one of the best approaches is to pace ourselves and take one subject at a time. If you come across a subject that is a challenge, then feel free to search for additional resources. One of the best resources to start your investigation on is the agency issuing the exam, such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority at or the City Wide Administrative Services at

Additionally, it is best to study for at least one hour every night and to not wait until the last minute to learn all the material. Not only is taking time to study every day most effective, but it helps you build confidence, because you know that you are familiar with the material. You will want to improve your critical thinking and judgement skills. This can be done by assessing a situation and making the best decision based on your judgment that the exam is given in.

Approach the exam in the most relaxed state possible. To achieve this, you can take the following steps: review any relevant materials one more time the night before, get a good night’s sleep, and eat breakfast before you leave for the exam.   Feeling well-rested will help you feel prepared and alert when you walk through the door.

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