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Why are we an important Tool in your Career Arsenal?

Our courses are specific, short, well taught, fun, challenging, and individualized.  Each test prep course is designed to mock government's open competitive recruitment exams.  We achieve this benefit by building critical thinking skills, getting your application better prepare by giving you a head's up on what is expected in the actual exam.   The Program Practice's principle's "per aspera ad astra" translation "through hardships to the stars" is a true commitment to present accurate test prep courses with a unique value proposition.  

The Program Practice many advantages over traditional learning methods including the following short list:  1) No Admission Exam 2) No Financial Aid Applications or Student Loans, 3) No Academic Prerequisites, 4) No Interviews, 5) No Attendance or Classroom environment, 6) No purchase of learning materials, except for optional sources to continue personal development goals, 7) On-Line Course estimated time of completion is less than 40 hours, 8) One time affordable fee payment (no hidden fees), 9) No school infrastructure such as chairs, seats, and a blackboard, 10)  On-line courses are available 24/7 for a reasonable limit of time.  

Please, note that in no published or verbal form does The Program Practice have contract, commitments, or inside information pertaining to any government exams, and we are not a public Civil Service Organization.    

The most convenient Test Preparation Option

The Program Practice's Competitive and Comparative Advantage over our competitors is based on our individual and specialized Lesson Plans.  Each course is flexible, precise and it is prepared according to each "Notice of Examination" Solicitation published by the Mass Transit Authority (MTA) New York City Transit, NYC Citywide Administrative Services, and other government Test Preparation Authorities.    


Joel Gardner said:  "The most effective, successful professionals are constantly learning, They take the time to apply what they have learned, and they continually work to improve themselves." 

per aspera ad astra Latin phrase translation with hardwork to the stars


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