About Us

Taking any civil service exams in New York requires dedication, investment, further research, review, an perseverance.    Whether you do not have any reliable learning material or are eager to reach the passing rate, The Program Practice got your back. We are here as one important component to contribute to your career success.

The Program Practice can provide test prep courses that are not only responsive but also relevant to every Civil Service' exam requirement.   Whether Logic Based Aptitude testing, basic Math or English Grammar is included in the test.  We will include all those subjects and more as a lesson.  Before the actual test, you will have a mock test designed to simulate similar test technology conditions.  

Unlike other service providers in the industry, we are well-known for having the most specialized e-learning workshop that offers comprehensive courses to diverse job seekers out there.   These Great Courses are designed to be fun, engaging, short and specific, and convenient..  

In 2018, we will provide Professional Development courses that are specially tailored to help you pursue your career of choice and a brighter future.

As Your Local Service Provider for these test preparations, we also support social causes, such as Teenage Homelessness initiatives in New York City.  

 A  Center of Excellence

With many years of experience, we are proud to say that we have been a center of excellence.  We really make sure that all lessons in our workshop are timely to give job seekers that additional training necessary to satisfy the test requirements.  

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