Mass Transit Authority Courses

These exams follow identical methodology as Civil Services exams.   These exams are mostly prepared and administered by the MTA exam testing unit at 180 Livingston Street in Brooklyn.  These Blue-Collar occupations include subway train conductors, train operators, stock workers, car inspectors, cleaners, welders, and bus operators to name a short list.   These exams follow a Multiple-Choice Format and can be offered to the public in paper or digital form.  

The MTA is one of the largest employers in the New York Region.  These exams require the taker to be disciplined and motivated enough to prepare well for a high passing score.  The following advice is a winning formula to exercise before taking the test.

The Program Practice is currently preparing a white paper to better inform you on successful test taking skills.  The following instructions discuss how to mark your MTA paper exams. 

  1. Fully blacken each dot with the correct answer. Take 4 sharpened # 2 Pencils to the test. 
  2. Mark only one answer from each question
  3. If you change your mind and want to blacken another dot, then make sure to erase the first choice entirely.
  4. Make sure to answer each question on the correct line. As an example, Answer #3 is located in line # 3, and Answer # 41 is located in line # 41. 
  5. These Multiple-Choice exams are timed and it will be best to skip the difficult ones, until the easy questions are completed.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT: Follow all the mediator instructions.  Not following his or her instructions will get you kicked out of the exam. 
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