Civil Services Courses

The Civil Services courses that we offer are designed as a test preparation platform for blue collar professionals.  Employment statistics support our decision to offer these Notice of Examinations frequently.  Blue collar workers constitute a significant percentage of the civil service labor force.  These occupations consist of Law Enforcement, support groups, Sanitation Workers, warehouse stock workers, and others.  These public servants are the backbone of our public institutions and the most visual of all Federal, State, and Municipal Governments.   

Most of these services are provided by people like you who are taking these courses as a test preparation to increase their chances of gaining employment.  It’s accurate to expect emergency services to be provided by a paramedic from the FDNY or a Police Patrol Car to be the first in the scene solving the problem.  Garbage collection is performed by high paying blue collar workers from the Department of Sanitation. 

Civil Service Employment statistics suggest that 1 out of every 6 employed in the United States is a Civil Service worker.  These Civil Services employees are employed by State governments or its Municipality.   The Federal Government is an active participant and is actively recruiting to complete the requirements of a constellation of occupations.  

 These exams are designed to recruit the best possible candidates by testing expected and desired skills in certain job situations.  It’s advisable that any register test taker must comprehend and study Computer-based testing methods.  These multiple-choice questions look easy from a gullible student’s perspective.  However, these are complicated and scientific-based exams which search for specific, quantitative, qualitative, desirable qualities, and test psychological conditions.   

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