Mass Transit Authority Exams Prep Courses

Mass Transit Authority Exams Prep Courses

Great Online Courses

"FDNY Exam #7001 Prep Courses"

"All the Exam Prep Courses that we innovate' objective is to support your career initiatives"

I am a researcher and staff Member.  I give 100% of my efforts to preparing well designed courses that convenient, fun and straightforward with what is important


I enjoyed the e-learning games, instructors were responsive, the final exam is a challenge that horned my skills to do better in the computerized exam and become a Traffic Agent

Josefina - Forest Hills

I am confident!  The Program Practice is an enjoyable experience and fun

Anthony -Staten Island

These e-learning courses are outstanding and effective.  Good Job to The Program Practice Course Craftsmanship

Jonathan - Manhattan

We are your Local Test Prep Service Provider

As native New Yonkers, we are part of the community.  Our Social Responsibility initiative support fighting teenage homelessness in our beautiful city.  We share similar experiences and smiles with civil service exam takers.  

We developed these courses to provide  convenience and forward movement to your busy adult schedule.  

  Our Civil Service and Mass Transit Authority Courses are effective 

Our Mock Exam have hundreds of questions and answers with explanations.   These Q/A with explanation are appropriate for your competitive exam selection.

Our objective is to provide cost effective conditions to Horne your skills with high quality materials.  Each course have fun games, engaging situations, and detail oriented job testing prep e-courses to aspiring government workers. 

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